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Wil Waldon

Will has been a long time friend of Real Skate, from way back. We started our skate zines about the same time. Will runs and invites you to visit his new blog.

Wil, a twenty-something near Buffalo, NY has picked up a few sponsors so can now honestly call himself pro. This might help him "pick up some hot chicks. I'm on the prowl ladies, so watch out. YOW!" Well at least he said "ladies."

I asked Wil some dumb questions for this:

Favorite music?—NOT EMO. Bad Religion, Aerosmith, Queen, Poison, Judas Priest, Hair metal from the 80s, Grim Reaper, anything with sweet guitar solos and when the lead singer prances around like a fairy. That stuff rules! [hmmmmmmmm. He did say he was looking for ladies right?] Turn ons?—Good art, good friends, chill people and cement skateparks. Turn offs?—Crappy bland art, enemies, stressed people and erector set parks. Achievements?—Getting into Thrasher the first time, skating Embarcadero back in the day, ollieing the Gonz gap before it was torn down. I'm so lucky to have skated that place.

Wil would like me to now lie and say something to make chicks, i.e. ladies fall all over him. So here goes: WIL IS FILTHY RICH!

Seriously, Wil's a sweetie ladies, and I don't think he would really call you a chick. When he wants something he begins: "Clarkie my dearest..." [Cut the dearest part, Wil, just begin: "Clarkie, here's $50 bucks..."] He's a cutie, really, thanks for being my hunk Wilster!


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