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Dan Stever by Abbey Whitney

[Editor's Note: Abbey continues to complain that my hunks are too old. So, I told her to find some hunks herself. She didn't have to look too far, since all she skates with are guys. I thought it was very cool that she found one who can play guitar on his ass. I don't think any of my hunks can do that!]

Hey all what's up? Well, this is the first time I've ever done a hunk of the month, so bear with me! I chose Dan Stever as my hunk! He is the craziest guy I know, and he skates! Anyone who knows Dan calls him "Book-Em." I really don't know how to describe him, he is just Dan!

His set up is Arsenal, Krux, Pig wheels, and Black Panther bearings. He has been skating since he was 13 and is now 16. (Yes, ladies, he does have his drivers license, and if you do ride with him anywhere don't get freaked out when he asks to help you fix your seatbelt because it really is broken! He's harmless!) Dan says he is accident-prone and I think all who knows him would agree!

Book-Em plays electric guitar and acoustic guitar in a band called High Voltage for our youth group. They are awesome! He also lives in Ohio, yes the same boring state as me. Dan and I haven't had the chance to skate together yet, but as soon as we get the time were gonna be rippin up the streets of Ohio! lol yeah right! A new skatepark is being built in his home town, and I think he is going to be writing an article about that very soon - right Dan?

Well I really don't know what else to say, cause you would just have to meet the guy! So thanks a bunch for being my hunk Dan! Oh and for the chicas since I know your dying to get hold of him because he is soooo darn cute here is his e-mail addy!




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