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Carl Jorgenson

I just love skaters with underwear on their heads!

Meet Carl who was raised and still lives and skates every day in Seattle. He got his first board in 1985.

Carl is 29 and has a 4 year old son, Colin who loves to skate with him.

I just recently met Carl when I put out a plea for help with my domain registration and needed a new company. Out of the blue there he was at my rescue! I love skater forums, you're bound to find a geek skater and you can get just about anything you need (well, almost). Carl works as an officer of fraud and compliance at which is now Real Skate's new home, safe with Carl.

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Carl stays involved in his local scene and encourages guys he has watched grow up to keep doing what they love and to give back whatever they can. He is an active member of SPS (Skaters for Public Skateparks). These guys work really hard in their spare time for their causes, which basically is advocating for skateparks all over the states.

Carl has some props he'd like to give out to Manik, GOODS, Nike, 35th Ave, Sleestak, and SPS for giving back to the Northwest. "Those guys are all OK in my book."

And Carl, you are OK in MY book! Thanks for bailing me out and especially thanks for being my hunk.



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