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Lucas Raines




I met Lucas on the frontlines at the ASR luring in big buyers and smiling for media like me. (Well, I'd like to think of it as flirting since I was probably the only female media there.) Lucas is Domestic Sales V.P. for Arcade Skateboards. Isn't he cute?

And speaking of Sales Reps, November would be a good month to give major props to our intrepid skateboard sales reps of the world. November being the busiest month stocking all those shop shelves in time for the santaman.

Sales reps are an awesome bunch. They are hardworking, underpaid, and have to deal with a lot of shit from buyers sometimes. Some are expected to get involved with collections, credit problems, determine who gets term contracts, who gets COD contracts, and who is even a real company a wholesaler can legally sell to and not some kid pretending to be a retail store selling out of the trunk of his car, etc. It can be nasty! And of course, they've gotta keep their pros and fans happy; and of course, the media too!

But, besides being the backbone of their company, they have their perks too. They are required to attend all the trade shows, all the parties, the video premieres, skate with the pros to make them feel important, help their bathing suit models with those little things they call suits; hard work you know. They have to carry around business cards, safety pins, skate tools, first aid kits, and the number of the company attorney and bail bondsman!

Kidding aside, shout outs to all SALES REPS! They are hunks. And Lucas, thank you for being my hunk you are the hunkiest of all reps!

You are so cool!

Clarkie - first off I would like to thank you so much for this honerable title of "hunk of the month" it is truly a sunny day in my world. I would next like to thank my beautiful mother and father for raising me proper, my agent Jason rodgers for giving me the strength to keep going, my manager Doug Johnson who has lifted me up whenever I've been down, my mentor and best friend in the whole world Hunter Criazzo, everyone else out there that has helped me along the way; you know who you are. Also I want everyone to know that rocks. Thanks again and I love you all.





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