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Josh Hoy

I met this (almost) 12 year old ripper at my nephew's birthday party at a local skatepark. Isn't he a hunk ladies? Err, I mean girls? Josh has been skating for 3 years, and skates both course and street. He must run fast because he said he's never been hassled skating street.

In interviewing Josh about all his activities, I find he's more an avid motocross dirt biker, and in fact wants to go pro. He's been riding for many years. In fact his dad took the training wheels off his bicycle and put them on his first dirtbike, a Pee Wee 50. Now he rides a Kawasaki 80 and competes regularly. He was kinda shy about his winnings, but I bet at least one of his walls is ribbon wallpapered!

Josh should have been named Noah, considering all the pets he has, he says 20 is a rough figure. These include a doberman named Angel, an iguana, a Chinese water dragon, cats, rats, etc. No snakes though; my kind of guy!

Josh currently has a broken arm and we at Real Skate wish him a speedy recovery. Maybe we'll shoot ya on that dirt bike one of these days!

Thanks for being my hunk Josh, good luck to ya, stay healthy and Happy Halloween!

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