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Carrick Shepherd

What's up, my name is Carrick Shepherd, (Care-ick). I'm a 19 year old livin and lovin life in the South of Ontario. I know I have a weird name, so talk to my mom.

I'm currently in Kitchener Waterloo goin to school for Food And Beverage Management tryin to see if I can get my own nightclub goin in the future. It would be nice.

CANADA KIX ASS. I used to skate way back in the days of grade 5 and 6 with my Powell mustang board. Haha those were the days.

Now I like riding BMX, flatland and freestyle. Not into competition but really love the night ridin in the city.

I love listening to Sublime cause Brad Nowell knows the words to my life. So much of his music is something I can relate to and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Life is rough and I know I can calm down by turnin on his tunes and kickin back feelin his words. I wish he was still alive today, then maybe I could see them live.

My fav TV shows are Simpsons and That 70's show. My fav number is 420 and that's a coincidence cause my b-day is 4:19 (off by ONE day mom). I love cookin, the beach, sea-dooin, and most of all HACKEY SACK. My hackey sack is my heart, haha even tho I sometimes loose it.

I hate people who judge even tho they haven't tried. I love girls that love themselves and are willing to just friggen cuddle haha, and maybe show ME a little lovin. No time for a girl friend to fight with but a best-friend to love. Later guys, keep ridin. ***peace***

[Thanks for being my hunk Care-ick, nice job; and if I ever go to Kitchener, I'll bring my bike!]


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