... I feel the young people
of today will carry a brighter torch than any of us of earlier days have ignited and held aloft."
Ansel Adams     


Photo Gallery (continued)

Ryan Greer, Kailua, HI - slide-ollie-fakie      photo William Park
Ryan Greer, Kailua, HI - trashcan indy          photo William Park
Ryan Greer, Kailua, HI - hip ollie                    photo William Park
Ryan Greer, Kailua, HI - launch tuck knee     photo William Park
Justin Phelps. Aurora, NE - ollie north             photo Paul Johnson
Evan Coral, at Galveston TX - kickflip seawall (yes he landed it)
photo Dave Coral
Dries Verhelst, 15, from Belgium
Dries Verhelst, 15, from Belgium
Andrew David - crook                                      photo Adam Hunt
Kevin Graham - frontside salad                            photo Adam Hunt
Matt Szakall - kickflip off ledge                   photo Adam Hunt
Zoltan Stewart - Crook 5-0                        photo Adam Hunt
Chris Dolan, melon at Brea Park                              photo Raul Diaz
Cody Herridge - Vancouver                        photographer unknown
Cody Herridge - Vancouver                        photographer unknown
Carlos Jimenez - Ollie from a ledge                   photo Jonnathan Matos
Carlos Jimenez - 50-50 kickflip out sequence  photo Micheal Gonzalez




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