... I feel the young people
of today will carry a brighter torch than any of us of earlier days have ignited and held aloft."
Ansel Adams     


Photo Gallery (continued)

Adam Frith - BS flip, England                   photo James Edmondson
Adam Frith - Flip over head                      photo James Edmondson
Johnny Stannard - Ontario, ollie                       photo Corey Wilkinson
Johnny Stannard - "Just Part of the Job"  photo Corey Wilkinson
Brian Fried - FS boardslide in Legacy Park                 photo Dad
Brian Fried - Ollie, new skate park, Ottawa                      photo Dad
Joshua Hawver - trick unknown                         photo  Tom Hawver
David Michaels, 15, Lancaster PA             videographer Matt Kile
David Michaels, 15 6-stair kickflip sequence  videographer Matt Kile
Tristan Puehse, age 7 - acid drop                 photo Michael J. Puehse
Nic Puehse, age 7 - frontside ollie                photo Michael J. Puehse
Tristan Puehse, age 7 - boardslide              photo Michael J. Puehse
Nic Puehse, 7 - frontside grind                  photo Michael J. Puehse
Olly Tyreman - drop                                           photo Adam Frith
Olly Tyreman - frontside boardslide                 photo Adam Frith
Mar Bobbit, Dallas - ollie                                 photo Corey
Mar Bobbit, Dallas - fakie nose                             photo Anthony




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