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Real Skate is going to be down for a while making a move out of state. Our PO Box is no longer accepting mail. Feel free to continue to sign our petition which is having a dramatic effect in keeping Skateboarding out of the Olympics and enjoy our older articles.

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Real Skate is in its eleventh year of operation and has evolved to what it is today—a supportive site for skateboarders, pros, ams, beginners, fans, and supporters of skateboarding. I hope that through the experiences of our contributors you will gather a positive insight into skateboarding and its lifestyle. Our focus is positivity and keepin it real!

While we have slowed down on articles and some of our features lately, I have started an almost-daily blog with current things of interest and opinion commentary. Click on "News and Whatnot" in the menu. Doing it the way we've been doing it was pretty labor intense and required a lot of travel. But I have left everything up in the menu as they still attract tons of hits. We are continuing advocacy work for skateparks, keeping skateboarding out of the O-Games and taking political action due to the problems both skaters and cities have faced caused by the crazy California helmet and pad laws. Something's gotta be done and I hope all California skaters will join us, be your own voice and stick up for your rights, freedoms and respect.

Skateboarding has gone berserk, no thanks to some people inside the industry. Real Skate started out with the goal of presenting skateboarding in a positive light in hopes of educating, gaining public understanding and acceptance. Maybe we did too good a job, as the mainstreaming by corporations, television infiltrated to capitalize and abused the wonderful inside nature of what we hang onto dearly and call skate culture. But we feel there is hope of maintaining that underground feel skateboarding is so accustomed to if skaters demand it and start calling the shots. Real Skate promises to continue to play an active role in advocating for the right causes, and exposing the wrong. I truely believe things are going to revert back.

Thanks to all our readers and contributors for your show of support since day one. I hope you continue to get something from Real Skate and make good use of it. A special thanks to all my young(ish) friends, pros, and skaters all around the world for keeping a part of my life, my heart, and spirit involved in the world of skateboarding. Because of you, Real Skate came about — it's about you.

Take good care and always keep it real.

Elected officials control most issues skateboarders have. You are the boss. Register, vote and they will listen. It's their job.

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